Important Resources & Links

In an effort to support its mission, ARTS provides information and resources of value to its member schools, students, the media, and the public. These resources include annual member reports, links to publications, conferences, newsletters, job postings, and a variety of other materials or links to information that address trends and best practices in theological education.

Documents, Standards,
& Important Resources

  • For ARTS Constitution, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures click here.
  • For ARTS Accreditation documents click here.

Important Information
About Accreditation

  • A critical issue in higher education is the existence of bogus educational and accreditation institutions, called Degree Mills and Accreditation Mills. In order to protect our institutions, students, and the public, ARTS recommends the information provided in the following website as important for discerning how to recognize these entities. Here are some resources to identify degree mills:
  • Additionally, the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, a leading advocate for self-regulated academic quality is also an excellent resource for information on the value of accreditation in promoting continuous improvement in academic institutions.


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