ARTS Business Affairs Governance

Executive Committee

Chairperson – Class of 2023
Dr. Randy Schlichting (Metro Atlanta Seminary)

Vice-Chairperson – Class of 2025
Mr. John Miller (Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary)

Secretary/Treasurer – Class of 2027
Mr. Ike Reeder (Birmingham Theological Seminary)

ARTS Board of Directors

  • Mr. Ike Reeder (Birmingham Theological Seminary)
  • Mr. John Miller (Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary)
  • Dr. Jonathan Masters (Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary)
  • Dr. Randy Schlichting (Metro Atlanta Seminary)
  • Dr. Andrew S. Zeller (Sangre de Cristo Seminary)
  • Rev. Tito Lyro (Western Reformed Seminary)
  • Dr. Glenn Hoyle – Nonvoting, ex Officio Member (Executive Director for ARTS COA)  

ARTS Staff Position: 

Executive Director for ARTS Commission on Accreditation

The Commission on Accreditation (COA) is served by an Executive Director (Director) who exercises primary oversight of and responsibility for COA activities. The Executive Director’s qualifications include experience with higher education accreditation and peer-review processes; evidence of authentic Christian experience and agreement with the Association’s Tenets of Faith; evidence of executive administrative ability; evidence of supervisory skills; and evidence of written and oral communication skills necessary to formulate and promulgate Commission standards, policies and procedures for internal and external agencies which exercise a recognition function.


  1. The Executive Director is to ensure the activities of the COA are separate and independent efforts from the Association, and to develop and implement accreditation standards and processes.
  2. The Board of Directors Executive Committee (EC) in conjunction with the COA officers shall develop and make available to Association member institutions a written position description describing the Director’s general and specific duties corresponding to the COA’s purposes and goals (c.f., Constitution, Article VI).
  3. The Director shall be accountable to the EC and COA officers for diligently and consistently ensuring that any COA staff, consultants, commissioners, and site evaluators conform to the Commission’s Standards, policies, and publications for institutional and site evaluator guidance.
  4. The Director shall be responsible for ensuring appropriate supervision and coordination of the work of the COA; and maintain the integrity and independence of COA’s finances, resources, processes, decisions, and records.
  5. The Director shall exercise leadership in working to develop and implement the COA’s annual budget in conformity with applicable Association policy and procedures.
  6. The Director is to ensure the separate and independent status of the commission as described in the Association’s Policies and Procedures.

ARTS Volunteer Positions:

All ARTS Board Members, Executive Committee Members, Commissioners for the COA, and Site Evaluators serve as volunteers. Their responsibilities are described in the Association’s Bylaws and Policies and Procedures.

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