How Have our Institutions Benefited?

“As an original member of ARTS, Birmingham Theological Seminary could find no better association to join for mutual accountability.”

Rev. Ike Reeder.

President, Birmingham Theological Seminary

“The task of training ministers of Jesus Christ and His Word is a serious mission. It is encouraging to know that we are not alone in this task, and we benefit by learning how each school does what it does. In our community accountability to others is valued greatly and being with ARTS gives recognition for this.”

Dr. James Johnson, Jr.

President, Sangre de Cristo Seminary

ARTS has provided us with an excellent and workable means to improve our teaching and value to the student, reach a wider public, and improve every aspect of our operation.  The fellowship and advice we receive from other ARTS’ seminaries has blessed and encouraged us through the years.”

Dr. John A. Battle

Academic Dean, Western Reformed Seminary

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