The Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries

Meeting the need for an accrediting organization dedicated to Reformed Theological Education.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (ARTS) is to preserve and advance the academic quality, accountability, and improvement of institutions committed to educating students in the tenets of Reformed Theology.

Core Values

ARTS is committed to bringing glory to God by contributing to the building of the Church, the progress of God’s Kingdom, and the preservation and advancement of the Reformed tradition by providing a context in which the Association, the Commission on Accreditation, and member institutions can hold one another accountable for fulfilling their individual purposes and commitments.

Member Institutions


News & Events

Why Join ARTS?

An Accrediting Organization Dedicated to Reformed Theological Education

Bringing Accountability, Quality, and Continuous Improvement to Seminary Education

Committed to Bringing Glory to God

“We greatly benefited from its membership with the Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries. It has found the Association’s commitment to the pursuit of educational excellence and to the Reformed faith is exemplified in its member schools to an encouraging degree.”

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