Our ongoing list of ARTS education and training resources

Since we have many education and training resources at ARTS I decided to create this page to collect these resources in one place. This page will be updated as needed.

Resources for the Annual Reports.

Between March and April of 2023, the COA planned and implemented 5 training sessions on standards 2-6. These Zoom sessions were recorded. These sessions discussed the COA standards and how to use them to improve academic quality at member schools. Starting with Standard 6 we explained quantitative and qualitative methods of evaluation and assessment and then progressed to other standards. The recordings can be found here: Session 1: Standard 6; Session 2: Standard 2, Session 3: Standard 3, Session 4: Standard 5, Session 5: Standard 4.

Links for Training Videos for ARTS-COA Site Visit Teams – 2023 Edition. The following are training videos for the ARTS-COA Commissioners. Each site visit member is required to complete this training.

Annual Meeting Trainings (2023)

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